From An Optometrist’s Journal Of Daily Habits In Caring For Your Eyes

From An Optometrist’s Journal Of Daily Habits In Caring For Your Eyes

Eyecare Habits That Will Help You Add Years Of Healthy Vision

Taking care of your eyes is very important. We often take our bodies for granted in all kinds of ways. A couple of weeks ago, I poked my eye on the tip of a Sago palm tree leaf. It was irritated for days, to the point that it kept me from doing certain things efficiently.

Incidents like these, and aging in general, can cause eye problems. Taking good care of our bodies and caring for our eyes in some ways is very important. Here are some tips for when it comes to the daily care for your eyes.

As you learn to take good care of your eyes daily, it does indeed also help to know your family’s eye health history. That will give you an idea of not only what to expect perhaps, but also what to do in regards to preventative measures.

It is also going to help if you get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. If you go to the dentist for the first time, he or she is going to do a complete exam and X-rays. So if you go to an eye doctor to start taking eye health more seriously, a comprehensive dilated eye exam only makes sense. If you are unsure of how to schedule an eye exam, all you have to do is to get on the internet and type in keywords that are relevant to your location and type of business you are looking for. For instance, if you live in Memphis and are in search for an vision doctor, you can simply search for “memphis eye health clinic” to narrow your search results and find the best doctor that is located nearest you.

Did you also know that what you eat is essential as well? Yes, it is for sure. You have likely heard all about carrots and eyesight. It’s not an old wive’s tale, as carrots are undoubtedly beneficial. Dark leafy greens are also helpful, however, as well as other foods. When it comes to the dark leafy greens, find a way to include both spinach and kale in your diets. You don’t have to eat warm, soggy spinach either. Make a spinach leaf salad, as they are very delicious.

Not only do you need to eat the right foods when it comes to your diet, but it also helps to maintain the proper weight in regards to eye health. Do you need to lose some weight? If so, work towards that goal consistently a little at a time, and it will, of course, have other health benefits, too. Also, do you smoke? Smoking can contribute to poor eye health, so keep that in mind.

Always wear sunglasses when you are out in the sun. Not only that, but you want to be sure that you wear protective eyewear in certain situations as well. Additionally, your eyes need a rest if you are consistently staring at a screen. Our eyes need a break from time to time, that’s for sure. The daily use of technology like computers, tablets, cellphones can negatively affect our vision and make it worse in the future. The use of such devices should be limited and one should be mindful of their exposure to these.

Are you always touching your eyes? If so, that’s not a good idea. Plus, when you do, you need to make sure your hands are clean. I hope these tips for daily caring for your eyes are of some help. Keep those eyes in good shape as you get older because you want to see everything.

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