Eye on Ohio was incorporated in August 2012 to advance the practice of non-profit investigative journalism. Based in Cleveland but covering stories with a state-wide impact, it was founded by journalists committed to preserving and enhancing this important field of journalism.

Our mission is to promote the public good by pursuing in-depth, underreported and high-impact journalism which exposes injustice and explores its consequences. Our reporting will investigate the truth, hold those in power accountable, and seek solutions.

We will be launching soon but in the meantime you can read more about the project, our staff and boardmake a donation or get in touch.

To our friends in Cleveland: As Eye on Ohio has been taking shape, we often are asked whether our origins are connected to the pending cutbacks and other changes taking place at Cleveland’s daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer. Our answer is no; we exist because there has been a shrinking of more in-depth stories throughout the media for many years. We will fill a need that would have existed anyway. Also, we began our formation long before the current situation at The Plain Dealer arose.

Moreover, we stand in support of the journalists at The Plain Dealer and elsewhere who strive to cover news of the day and who continue to inform the citizenry in the midst of challenging circumstances. We hope that Cleveland’s daily newspaper will expand, rather than contract, its news coverage.